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October 30, 2012

Hearth Art

Shears & Window
SFDC Galleria, #256

Hearth Art produces consummately crafted and precisely built fireplace accessories in iron, copper and bronze.  Hearth specializes in creating custom sculptural accessories inspired by, and sometimes enhanced by, nature’s most exquisite art: breathtaking minerals, semi-precious gemstones, and ancient fossils.

The precious and semi-precious stones, fossils and other natural embellishments that adorn Hearth Art’s designs come from around the world.  They follow in the fine tradition of old world craftsmen by meticulously hand-crafting, painting or patinating metal to achieve that unique texture of well-worn ironwork.  The distinctive finishes are hand-applied by their artisans in multiple layers to give your piece a deeply resonating luster that will endure for generations.


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