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March 5, 2013

Drama Queen of Fabric

Duralee Fabrics
SFDC Galleria #100

Floribunda Fabrics

December 6, 2012

Grand Opening @ M&K!

Michaelian Invite

October 29, 2012

Carolina Irving Textiles

Shears & Window Textiles, Inc.
SFDC Galleria #452
P 415.621.0911    F 415.621.1357

Carolina Irving’s premier textile collection encompasses patterns and colorations that have the look of old fashioned vegetable–dyed and hand-printed textiles. The collection includes several multi-colored designs, many others printed in single colors both in large and small patterns that work together and are meant to be mixed.  Shop the collection at Shears & Window Textiles in the SFDC Galleria #452.

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