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February 28, 2013

Surround Yourself with Beauty . . .

Maya Romanoff
Donghia Inc., Galleria #144

Mother of Pearl Marquetry™
Mother of Pearl Marquetry tiles are composed of farmed, genuine seashells that are hand-inlaid in a classic pattern. The natural beauty of the shells is set off by the intricate inlay and baroque design. Offered in natural gold and white and four beautifully subtle colorations, hand-finishing allows for countless custom possibilities.

Java Jute™
Java Jute has a modern feel while utilizing ancient weaving techniques. Each strand of kenaf, a rapidly renewable reed, is hand dyed before it is woven on antique wooden looms—artfully crafting a surfacing material with subtle and fluid color variation.

Native Silk™ hand-painted vinyl
Native Silk retains the elegance of our popular Raw Silk wallcovering, with a greater depth of striation. Layers of reflective pigment are hand-painted on a subtly metallic ground, creating layers of texture and craft. Type II Vinyl with non-woven backing for durability and ease of installation.


October 29, 2012

Carolina Irving Textiles

Shears & Window Textiles, Inc.
SFDC Galleria #452
P 415.621.0911    F 415.621.1357

Carolina Irving’s premier textile collection encompasses patterns and colorations that have the look of old fashioned vegetable–dyed and hand-printed textiles. The collection includes several multi-colored designs, many others printed in single colors both in large and small patterns that work together and are meant to be mixed.  Shop the collection at Shears & Window Textiles in the SFDC Galleria #452.

July 24, 2012

From David Iatesta, Inc.

Shears & Window
SFDC Galleria #256

The Terrace Lounge Chair and Ottoman, with its clean lines and comfortable outdoor linen cushions, was designed with entertaining in mind! It is lightweight so it can be moved easily to create the perfect outdoor setting. Pair it with a table or sofa from the Terrace Collection of outdoor furniture. Don’t worry about spilling on the cushions, they are easily cleaned and have drain-dry cores so they may be left outside. The entire line is produced outside Annapolis, Maryland making it simple to customize each piece to your exacting design specifications.  See the collection for yourself at Shears & Window in the SFDC Galleria #256.

June 29, 2012

Big News from Maya Romanoff

Donghia, Inc.
SFDC Galleria #144

Announcing a new Summer launch, The Roger Thomas Collection for Maya Romanoff. Roger Thomas, EVP Design for Wynn Hotels, has worked closely with and been a family friend of Joyce & Maya for over a decade now. This year they finally decided to take the plunge and release a collaborative line of wallcoverings. The resulting products, Tremolo and Moon Lake, function as a beautiful balance between the fine art leanings of both Roger and Maya, and the pragmatic sensibilities of a designer who works primarily in high traffic Vegas Hotels, and the largest manufacturer of handmade wallcoverings in North America.

When Roger was presenting the line at NeoCon two weeks ago, he spoke about how he wanted these products to celebrate their own handmade-ness. They are not intended to side match, to have monolithic machine-made consistency, but to have each drop of wallcovering announce the craft that went into it. The horizontal linear patterns on both materials emphasizes texture and scales a room to feel more “human.” Both Tremolo and Moon Lake are hand-crafted in their Chicago studio.  Maya Romanoff is carried at Donghia, Inc. in the SFDC Galleria, #144.

December 9, 2011

Brentano – 2012 Color Forecast


Donghia, Inc.
SFDC Galleria #144 

The end of the year is always filled with reflection, as well as anticipation, for what the next year will bring.  In this year’s annual color forecast, Brentano looks back on the successes and trends of 2011 and predicts what’s in store for the interior design world in 2012.  To do this, the Brentano design department evaluates their previous and upcoming collections, consults their sales team about client requests, and gathers to discuss what they’ve observed lately in the world of design.

As a leader in designer textiles in a range of beautiful colors, Brentano knows that interior design colors do not change as rapidly as those in fashion.  As Brentano Design Director Iris Wang points out—this is a positive aspect; otherwise, everyone would be pressured to change upholstery fabric and drapery with far too much frequency.  Additionally, interior design relies on base colors, often hues of tried-and-true neutrals, to create a classic palette.  However, she points out that there are always slight changes, as well as fun new additions that can be added to an interior through use of accent pieces, such as chair backs and pillows.

The six colors singled out for 2012 include: Marine – A continuation from 2011, Marine is a navy that plays up the rich, jewel-toned aspect of the color while keeping true to its classic appeal.  Sprout – This bright, yellow-green shade is perfect for livening up an atmosphere.  Use it for accent pieces to give interiors a fun, current twist. Tangerine – A saturated orange with a touch of red, tangerine offers a fresh counterpart to sophisticated neutrals. Paper White – 2011 saw a move from creamier neutrals to this “true white” that is pure, clean, and luxurious—the perfect basic to continue using in 2012.  Graphite – While Brentano’s 2011 color forecast called for silvery, platinum hues, 2012 will see grays shifting to a darker charcoal that looks beautiful with colors (such as deep yellows and purples), or pairs perfectly with neutral shades. Linen – Linen looks beautiful as a crisp white or dyed a vibrant color, but also has a natural appeal in its unprocessed, raw form.  Its comforting, clean feel works as a neutral, but also offers stunning warmth that makes it the perfect color for a subtle palette.

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