New Larsen collection @ Cowtan & Tout

Cowtan & Tout
SFDC Showplace #170

Larsen’s 2013 Collection focuses on two distinctive themes: the first inspired by the glamour of Hollywood’s golden age in the 1930s, and tributes to screen legends such as Greta Garbo, depicted in beautiful evening gowns. A sophisticated haute couture collection, featuring glamorous chic metallic effects and shimmering satin silks in subtle mineral shades.

Larsen’s second theme reveals a graphic and architectural emphasis – a 1950s look reflecting the ‘constructive thinking’ of designs by the celebrated Jean Prouvé. A collection capturing the excitement of the 1950s cultural period: freedom of spirit, a search for novel techniques and a refined aesthetic without artifice. Cubist influence, a sculptural form in patterns, an abstract feel complemented by modern shapes, dynamic lines of movement and vibrant color contrasts define the latest collection.

The unique color palette is the key to the identity of the whole collection, with warm and spicy tones affording fascinating color combinations. Larsen has created new plains with a relaxed and luxurious feel – the essence of texture – and a new weave density derived from interlacing surface yarns.



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