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May 12, 2011

Dog Day Afternoon with Chella Textiles at Sloan Miyasato


Sloan Miyasato
SFDC Showplace #200

Dogs are dedicated creatures of comfort. Try as we may to keep paws off, we often let sleeping dogs lie…on beds, upholstered chairs and sofas. Yet to give in to pooch’s penchant for plush is to fret over our fabrics or live without nice things – and Chella Textiles has a bone to pick on that front.

As the go-to resource for luxury performance textiles, Chella knows practicality need never trump style. Sumptuous velvet and chenille, glamorous jacquard, even light and bright designs are not off-limits to four-leggeds whose families live with Chella. Because the coloring actually takes place before the yarn is even created, Chella’s durable solution-dyed acrylics are machine washable, lightfast and relentless in their refusal to allow any household to go to the dogs.

Go here to see the complete line or visit Sloan Miyasato in the SFDC Showplace #200.

Contact: 415.431.1465

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